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Slice Air Remote – Cut the Cord Canada




1x SLICE Wireless air mouse with keyboard
1x USB receiver
1x USB cable
1x User manual

The SLICE 6-axis multi-function of Air Mouse, keyboard, Multimedia Android Control and Motion Sense Support.
Using the top US 6-axis gyroscope technology in the world, easy to switch to precisely control the mouse cursor, operation distance up to 15 meters.

Use it as a remote for your RIPCORD device, or for presentations on a PC, Laptop, or any other USB-enabled device.

Remote functions on side and a full QWERTY keyboard on the other!
No more hunt and using on-screen keyboards!

Sleep function:
hibernation mode engaged after 20 seconds.
Press any key to wake up the remote controller.

Somatic Games:
Built-in gyroscope and accelerometer able to sense hands movements.
Use your movements in for a totally different gaming experience.
(For example: Wii, iPhone, Playstation Move, Xbox360)
Green Indicator: When the remote controller is well connected, the green indicator will keep turning on; once the green indicator starts blinking, it shows that the remote controller is not well connected, please check whether the receiver is well connected to the host or not, or the receiver is covered by some metal objects.
Red Indicator: When the red indicator turns on, it means that the remote controller is charging.


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